Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just call me Buddy

Good Saturday Morning!! As you can see my cat Satan is still trying to sleep. Putting his arm over his face. But he is still peeking out with one evil eye. My son named this crazy cat. But I hate calling him Satan. So I call him Buddy. Because he is my Buddy. Durrrr.
It's a beautiful sunny but windy day here in Southern California. Allergies are up and so are everyones colds. I woke up kind of sad about life. Until I read my morning reading. God has a plan for us all. Such a great thought. Even though the devil trys to come in and change things, we that are full of God's hope and blessings just need to remember. God has a plan for us!
So today I think I will relax and maybe go to the store, Fresh and Easy! In the evening I plan on joining my sister at church. It's really nice on Saturday evenings to go. In the mean time, lets all try and relax like Buddy and remember to look for colors!!

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