Thursday, February 23, 2012

With a Captial "S"

My latest interesting web site is Pinterest. I kept seeing these letters covered in buttons and corks. So I thought I would make one for my bedroom. It took me a while to find the right size I wanted. But found one at Joanne's Fabrics. So here it is while painting it blue.

It was a little bright. So I added some black paint and calmed it down. Then I started adding the bling!!!

I covered every inch. Exept the back. I'm going to stand it on my nightstand.
I plan on painting my furniture black. Here is the finished "S". It took me quite a white. (And a few glue gun burns on the fingers).

While I was doing the "S" I started replacing my kitchen faucet. What a pain in the rear end. Living in a mobile home, well lets just say Nothing is normal size. After shutting down the water to the house. I removed the old faucet. I know now why I don't do plumbing much. Crawling under the sink......kills the back!!!

I would love a new sink. But of course that's a weird size too. And I'm not going to attempt that one on my own. After installing the new faucet. I was super pleased. Except of course it leaked a little underneath. GRRRRRRRR!! So I had to take it all apart again. Shutting off and on the water to the house. I need flex hoses under the sink. My house is so old 1966. All the piping is copper tubes. And they don't like to be messed with much. So anyways after the second try it seems to be ok. Until I can get flex hoses and then my son!! (thank you Jesus) will help me. Let's just say I said a few prayers though this project!!
And what was Buddy doing the whole time??? Like always, resting.

And always with great color!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beautiful Cool Day

To day I awoke to sunshine. Yesterday was cloudy and grey all day. I'm so happy on my day off that it is beautiful out. This was the first day in a while that I didn't need to rush out and do anything. Woo Hoo!! So after eating breakfast and cutting some coupons, I decided to go on a bike ride. I love my beach cruiser!! She's a beauty!

So off I rode down the street. The cool breeze blowing in my hair. I rounded the corner and decided to pay one of my neighbors a visit. He decided to ride along. And off we started again. Waving at neighbors and stopping to say a friendly hello. As we came to the last street. I saw "them". Two beautiful vintage metal chairs. Out on the curb for large item pick up. Our trash company will pick up large items once in a while.

I went up to the homes front door and knocked. But no one was home. I wanted to be sure it was ok that I took them. Soon after that, here comes the junk truck. They didn't mind at all if we picked them up. Woo Hoo!!!

I love them. A little TLC and they will look great. There is nothing wrong with them, but a little rust and dirt. My son wasn't as happy with my find. But I think they are just not his style. And he hasn't seen them after I clean them and paint them.

Any suggestions on colors?? Maybe a Apple Green????

After my find. My son and his new fiance and I went out to lunch. We visited a little shop and Melanie got these crazy glasses. With a built-in mustache. She's so funny!!! She is going to pull them out at her next work meeting. hahaha

Here is a picture of the happy couple.

Hope everyone has a beautiful, relaxing day. And always with great color!!!