Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vintage Patio Chairs!!

I finally got the time to paint my Vintage patio chairs! If you remember I found them. They were on the curb to be picked up. Here is a picture of them when I found them.
I had to sand them down. Which I'm not the best at. But I tried to get them smooth.
Then I covered out back the ground with a plastic tarp. I turned them upside down and painted the back and bottom first. I decided to use a happy apple green.
I turned them right side up and sprayed painted the seat and back and arms.
I let them dry overnite. I spray painted the tubeing white. It was hard to do and I tried to mask off the green.
I had to turn them upside down to paint the bottoms. It was super hard not to get white on green. And I am no expert!!! But I'm happy with how it went.
Then Waa Laa they were done!!! I'm real happy with how they turned out.
Remember don't be afraid of great color!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Headboard or Art?

I've been going back an forth in my mind.....Do I want a headboard on my bed or a cool piece of art. When ever I'm looking at pictures or out shopping, I try and find ideas. Hum? Couldn't seem to find a painting with the right colors. In fact I was almost thinking of painting something myself. (Oh dear that's a scary thought). Then I was shopping at my favorite store Ross (of course). And there she was!!!! I still had questions in my mind. So I wandered over to Kohls. There she was again!!! At twice the price!!!! Of course I still wasn't sure.

I went home to think about it. And think, and think. Ok, after work I new I needed her. I went to my more local Ross and YEAH she was still there. I like the crystal's on this piece. They will go with my "S" that I just crafted. Since I'm going for a more girly look, it will fit right in. The mirror in the middle is bevealed also. I love it!! In case your not sure......The white is the cardboard box it is in.

Now which color should I paint the walls?? Tan or light grey blue?? Which do you think would look good behind my new art?

Of course Buddy had to have a look at himself in the mirror!!

And always with great color!!