Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yeah Finished!

Finished the Camo lap throw today. Just in time. Almost ran out of yarn. I like the way it turned out. Buddy seems to like it too. It has given me something to do while my back is getting better. I threw it out about two weeks ago. Don't know what I did. But I guess sometimes we just move wrong. Sometimes I sure hate getting older. And dang it I had a birthday right in the middle of a painful week. Didn't help the getting old feeling. Oh well, I'm getting better slowly. I guess life just throws bumps in the road sometimes. Here's a smooth spot. My sister (Dancing in the Dark) gave me this beautiful yarn bag. I love it!!!! It's green!! She also hand spun me some yarn. I need to make my next project something special!! She's so dear to me, My bestest friend! Here is a pic of it!
I also got a great gift from my daughter. A beautiful wall decoration. Words that are like stickers. But when applied they appear almost to be painted on. I know these words speak the truth. Even though sometimes we don't agree on things. I hope she will remember that Families are everything and deserve respect. I placed this above my buffet in the dinning room. What do you think?
Always with great color!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Looks like Fall!!

Wow it's sure turning into Fall. I love it!! Got out all the Fall things that I have. Can't seem to pass up anything leaf or pumpkin. I'm not to into the scary Halloween things. I like things that can last through Thanksgiving. Buddy likes all the decor. So I thought I would make a blanket throw for my livingroom. I needed a project. And I picked a couple different greens (of course)and a carmel color. My son came home and said "Why are you making a camo blanket?" Ha ha ha I didn't even think of that when I bought the yarn. But I guess it kind of looks like that. Anywho, I love it.
So get out your tea cups and mugs and start to drink warm apple cider and hot chocolate. Fall is here!!! And always with great color!
Buddy get out of that new yarn!!!!! Such a little helper.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I know it's been a while. Think I have just been vegging out. I need to wake up and get my butt back in gear. Anyways, I was working on another blanket for my son's girlfriends Birthday. Finally finished it!!! Happy Birthday Melanie.