Sunday, October 17, 2010

Looks like Fall!!

Wow it's sure turning into Fall. I love it!! Got out all the Fall things that I have. Can't seem to pass up anything leaf or pumpkin. I'm not to into the scary Halloween things. I like things that can last through Thanksgiving. Buddy likes all the decor. So I thought I would make a blanket throw for my livingroom. I needed a project. And I picked a couple different greens (of course)and a carmel color. My son came home and said "Why are you making a camo blanket?" Ha ha ha I didn't even think of that when I bought the yarn. But I guess it kind of looks like that. Anywho, I love it.
So get out your tea cups and mugs and start to drink warm apple cider and hot chocolate. Fall is here!!! And always with great color!
Buddy get out of that new yarn!!!!! Such a little helper.

1 comment:

  1. Your house looks so pretty. I love the fall colors too. Your Buddy is so silly. I wonder what he would do with wool yarn? Swallow it? I had a cat swallow a 3 inch piece of wool yarn. Well I didn't know he did that till it came out. Oh my Gosh, so yuckie. So now I keep my eye on my yarn and my cat.
    I love your blanket.