Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas is over!

Christmas was great! Food, food and more food!! Here is a picture of Brandon and Melanie opening presents. They look kind of tired from the night before. lol I'm still not working so it was a cheap Christmas. But we still had a house full of love. I did bake some. And I gave most of it away!!!

Here are some of the cookies. On Christmas Eve we went over to Melanie's family's home. They are so much fun. One thing really touched my heart. Melanie's brother picked up a homeless man off the street. After he had a good meal, he got a haircut, shave and bath. They packed a backpack full of clothes and personal care items for him. It was such a joy to see these kids giving to someone in need. Thank the Lord for them all!!

Of course it wouldn't be Christmas without Buddy playing in the wrapping paper. I went and spent Christmas afternoon with my Sister and Peanut. Her son and family also were there. What a lovely time we had. Christmas dinner was soooo good!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all. We wish everyone happiness and goodwill. Make this a great year with family, friends, and always with great color!!