Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bread Rack Redo!!

So today was finally sunny and beautiful enough to work on my Bread Rack - Potting Rack. I had gone to Home Depot and picked up Rubbed Bronze spray paint. Also some new flowers. After cleaning off the Bread Rack. Which was a charming brass and hunter green. Blah! I started the painting.
What a difference the paint made. It looks like a rod-iron piece now. I love it. I placed it near the enterance of my home. I'm still playing with placement of old things I had already. I also still need more plants or flowers. But it feels like a whole new piece. I like the bright green pots and silver can's with the daisy's!
So remember to not throw out some of your old piece's. Paint does wonders!! And always with great color!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I hope everyone had a great Easter. Mine was very relaxing. That morning I was packing away my Easter knick knack. When Buddy ran out the door. He saw a butterfly and took off after it. There were three little boys playing ball outside. They saw Buddy run out. One of the boy's said "Look a skunk!!" I cracked up!! Yes, he was crawling down low toward the butterfly. And Yes, he is big and hairy. I just looked at the boys and said "No he is a cat. Just big and hairy." Poor Buddy. Now they think he's a skunk!!!
I've been thinking alot about our relationships with each other. What really shows a good person? Not just a kind, honest, hardworker. But a person that can show compassion for people. I think this is an important trate to have. When you feel compassion for people you won't mouth off and say stupid, unkind things. It shows you actually have a heart. You think of how this will effect others. You love other's as you would want to be treated. As the Bible says. Do unto other's as you would have done unto you. Good words to think about. The said, words can never be taken back. It can cause so much damage to children, wife, husband, family, coworkers, everyone. Have compassion for each other and we all won't be going around with no self confidence or self esteem. Build each other up! Show compassion!!
Back to Easter .I had a really great day over with my daughter and her fiance. We had the best dinner outside on their patio. It was a gorgous day!! We relaxed after eating and watched some TV. Here is a pic of them. We almost all feel asleep. I love a day with family relaxing. It was the best!!
And always with great color!