Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today was beautiful. Warm but just cool enough that you wanted to spend the day outdoors. Since they didn't need me at work (again). That's another story. I had the thought to plant some veggies. My sister Carol had just planted two beautiful above ground planters. Her soil is like sand, mine is like stone. Hard Hard Hard. I had plenty of good size plant pots. From back in the day when we had billions of houseplants. Think I only have two now. lol So I set out to Home Depot for some plants. After I caulked my shower. UGH!! I hate caulking. But it was getting nasty and needed a redo. I feel good when I get these little projects that need to be done around the house finished.

So I got Red bell pepper, zucchini squash, crookneck squash, strawberry, and tomato plants. Here is the finished garden. Hope they grow. It's been ages since I've done this.

I also the other day replanted my flowers in this three teared planter.

Then I came outside and had lunch at the Bistro table. I had tried a new recipe. It's canned white chicken, Cranrasins, Celery, and nuts with mayo. Yum it was good.
And the whole time Buddy just laid in the living room chair and slept. What a life!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Fun

It's Sunday and woke up to clouds! But I was determined to still have my morning walk. Rain or Shine! I should have brought a umbrella along. After getting to the other side of the Park, it started to hail! Yes, Hail! Crazy May California weather. We had to duck under some neighbors carports. Funny! When it stopped we continued and finished out walk. But boy oh boy was it cold. My fingers felt like Popsicles.

Yesterday was cool but really nice. After church in the evening my sister Carol and Alexis and I went to a frozen yogurt shop named Nubi. Yum Yum! They had red velvet cake yogurt. It was divine!!!!!( dreaming of it right now) I remember Carol and I being children and after church our Grandparents would take us out for ice cream. What a great memory! Hope Alexis remembers thing we did also.

Well, Buddy had another visitor. This cat was very friendly and didn't growl or hiss. First time I have ever seen him. Buddy loves friends. I have never in his life heard him hiss. But I think he's part dog. Here are a couple of pic's of his friend.

Hope you all have had a great and relaxing weekend. And always with great color!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chair and Table Update

Hi all,
I thought long and hard last night and made up my mind. I'm going to leave the table and chairs off white. Honestly it sounded like too much work to change the stain. I can always change it later. I had enough fabric left to make a makeshift table scarf. My neighbor said I could put a white or lace tablecloth under it too. But for now I like it just like this. Love the great color!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Diningroom Chair and Table Project

First the roses!
You can't even see the green bush. It's all rose blooms. So I had to take a picture. It's just so pretty!

Ok, now on to the chairs. This is a before picture.
Ugh! I'm so over the gold seats. So I started taking
off the layers of fabric. I had to take off two different
colors to get down to the base fabric. Buddy thought he would help me.

Really he doesn't look too interested does he. lol So here is a picture of the finished chairs. But I haven't attached them yet because I think I'm going to change the color of the chairs to a black stain. What do you think?? I do plan on in the future getting a change of carpet. Something much lighter and beige.

I will post updates as I finish things. May take a while. I will have to sand and stain. I'm just not too sure about the white wash chairs and table color. Would love input from anyone. I do like the light fresh look they have. But I want them to look more modern and less shabby chic. Here is a picture of my outdoors bistro table. See how the green and black look together. I really like the bright and dark together. Help me decide! Always love more color!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good Shopping Trip

I'm all about a good buy. And good design. I decided I wanted to recover my dining room chair cushions. So I went shopping. I found this green fabric that I love! Kind of bright and cheery. I'm going through a green faze. I read where your primary color in your room should be 60 Percent. Like your walls. Then next color 30 percent and then last your pop of color 10 percent. And green is refreshing and nurturing to your whole well being. Green is the easiest color for all of us to live with. Use green when you want to make your home welcoming and gracious. These are my new Canisters that I picked up at Costco. I love them. I think they have a Tuscan feel.

Then I went into my bedroom to make it feel more like summer. I took off the darker green comforter and lighten it up. It feels good to me. lol

I have to share with you this cute jar I got. I like anything with a lid. I got this at Marshall's.
I also worked out on the patio decorating it some with new cushions. Now I'm pooped out and poor. But it was a great day.
Love ya all with great color!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Changed it again

I can't make up my mind. I have beige plates too. So I used the small green salad plates on top and beige cups. I might like this even better. What do you think??


Ok, I was browsing around online and checking out table settings. Yes! I know some things weird interest me. But they were using all kinds of different objects and had some great ideas. So I have so many plates and place mats that I got the bug.
I had just some woven beige place mats. I replaced them with these chargers that I had. They add texture. They I picked my standard everyday green plates. Cause I have to have my pop of green! I would have placed a salad plate on top. But mine are green and it would be too much green so I just added a fancy set of mugs that I love. The lighter color kind of grounded it to the counter top. Then I looked for napkins. Flowered? No, too much with the flowers on the mugs. So I stuck to plain green ones. I had found a cute set of chicken (of course) napkin rings. I wanted to put them somewhere so I just set them on the plates. I changed out my glass fruit bowl for a iron one and Tah Dah! What do you think?? It's a nice change.

Not sure if you can see. But I have other pops of green in the kitchen also. I was thinking........ I think my style is curvy. Everything I like has curves to it. The curve of round glass, rod iron, a couch or chair back. I think it just adds to being cozy. As Modern style is more straight lines. They can be mixed. Why not? Style is whatever makes you feel comfort and peace. Mine is earth tones with pops of green. And with Buddy and kids. Gotta have peace!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dang Cat!

I was planning a nice quiet day at home. I needed badly to clean my kitchen cupboard. Organize the food. What a mess. (Yes sis I am a slob at times hee hee).I can't believe that I'm even showing you all this. I also had other spring cleaning things to do. Hall closet ugh. I won't show you that one. I think I need space bags. And bathroom towels. But I got a call from work that they needed me. So off I trotted.

After I got home with the headache from H___. Ibuprofen doesn't work worth squat on my headaches. I took good old Excedrin Migraine. In 20 minutes I was good as new. I then thought I would vacuum. Since I needed too. Yes I vacuum everyday. But if you had the hairiest cat you would too!! He got all scared again. He hates it when I vacuum. Well, he darted out of the living room to hid in the laundry basket again. On his way running, the big ole lug pulled my lamp over in the living room. Light bulb shattered everywhere! And the lamp frame got tweaked. The shade was here and the lamp was there. Grrrrrrr Here is a pic of it after I tried to put it back together. Don't know if you can tell but the fennel on top isn't straight and I can't bend it back. That Dang Cat!!!

After I put the vacuum away he came out like nothing happened. Guess I might have to put him in the bathroom before I start. He's so big and clumsy!!!
But I love him.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It was such a beautiful day. I was outside as much as possible. I decided I needed roses in the house. I have this pretty green glass pitcher. So I filled it full of different colors. They make the house smell Divine! And of course you have to have a chicken. lol Here is a close up of the roses. Notice Mom's stained glass butterfly in the window.

Then I continued on to my bathroom. I had a old hobnail glass cream pitcher I put some old fashioned roses in.

I just love this time of year when everything is blooming. So does my nose. Yep I have a picture of my daughter and grandson's in the bathroom. Why not??

Later that evening I made spaghetti. I'm trying to be more healthy. So I used wheat linguine noodles and Fresh and Easy sauce. Fresh Parmesan sprinkled on top. My salad was yummy too. My son came in and said yuck. Why can't I just make it like normal. But I said someday I won't be around to cook for him. So he should be thankful. He said he was sorry and thanked me. He's a good guy. lol Here is a pic of my Spaghetti!! Aren't the colors pretty! Stop and smell the roses and always with great color!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well here I sit....... Another day I'm not needed at work. I'm really getting depressed. Trying to turn my worry over to God and keep my chin up. It's a gorgeous day. Thought it was going to rain, but no. Anyways had a good walk.

Last night I had to jump on the neighbor kids. They love to throw rocks and trash everywhere. I picked up a eaten apple core in my flower bed this morning. Grrrr..... When we were kids I don't remember being destructive. Even though we would get on our bikes and be gone most of the day playing. These kids are 3 or 4 and are out playing alone with no parents in sight. Aggravating!!! And what ever happened to people getting out and pulling weeds. The smell of grass being cut on a Saturday morning. Playing outside with your parents?? Parents sure have changed and so have kids. When you ask them anything they deny it. Or talk back. No wonder our world is like it is. No respect. Ok I'm in a bad mood. But I may be getting laid off. So I'm sad and on edge.

Guess I'm a grouchy old woman. Anyways, the baby birds are growing. They are getting louder and louder. Mama bird sits on top of my arbors and squawks at Buddy constantly. Even when he is inside the screen door!!! It's funny.

I had to show you this new juice I got. It's going to feed my brain!!! That's a good thing. ( as Martha would say)

Gotta tell you this stuff is yummy!!!!!!!! Then I made a bacon, avocado, tomato, lettace on a pita sandwich. Yum yum. Gosh I like to eat too much. But it was pretty!! And colorful.

While I was cooking the bacon I thought about my Mom and the way she would cook bacon. It was always almost burnt and all curled up. It was my goal as a new wife to cook bacon in long strips and not burnt!!! Don't know why I thought of her cooking bacon. But I love my Mama anyways. Some things she cooked have great memories. Her Fried chicken, Apple pies, and Thanksgiving dinners were the best!!!

Have a good week peeps. And always with great color!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mom's Day

This weekend was a joy. First on Saturday my sister and her granddaughter came over to visit. Alexis loves playing with Buddy. So to get a idea how big Buddy is. Here is a pic. We were sitting out on the patio enjoying the warm day. Alexis is eight years old.

On Sunday Mom's day my son and his girlfriend took me out for Thai food. My choice. It was soooo yummy. Here we are before leaving.

My son Brandon never smiles for pictures. Grrrr

Brandon and Melanie

Later that day I went over to my daughter's and had BBQ steak, corn on the cob, rice, and fresh bread. I have to say I ate way too much.
I have the best kids and family. Love you all!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Buddy has a Visitor

It was very warm today. But I still went for my morning walk. When i got back I let Buddy out on the patio. He had a visitor. Isn't she pretty? I don't know where she lives. She's to afraid of me to let me pet her. But Buddy and her touched noses and hung out together for a while.

I hope everyone has a good and safe Mother's Day weekend!
Always with great color!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Walk Alone

Hey Kitty why are you snoozing. I'm up and out for my walk. But geesh you need some major work done to your fro. What a hairball.
So today I'm off on my morning walk by myself. Yeah I just had to keep walkin. But it was kind of boring. No one to complain to. I wonder if Buddy would like a leash?? Nah.....
Work today. It's so beautiful outside. I wonder if anyone will be coming in to shop. Hope so. We have been way to slow. Maybe people will be getting ready for Cinco De Mayo or this weekend in the desert.
Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!! Keep hot as a chili pepper! And always with great color.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I could just eat a bug!

It's another lovely day. I decided to make peanut butter toast and eat outside at the bistro table before I walked. Buddy jumped up on a bar stool and thought he would help me. Do cat's like peanut butter??

Ok then I had to take a pic of my toast. lol

The birds are all making nests and I could hear them peeping in the bottle brush bushes. They were not to happy about Buddy being outside on the patio. Even though he wouldn't know what to do with a bird. They are Mockingbirds. Noisy suckers. They were all around and watching Buddy. Ready to dive bomb him if he made a move.
So my nice relaxing breakfast , wasn't so relaxing. lol
The night before was warm and my neighbor's and I were outside talking. I love the patio on warm nights. The neighborhood kids were running all around. My next door neighbor is raising her grandson. He is autistic. He was jumping into the rosebush planters. We yelled to him that he was going to get scratched. His grandmother said. "Tell him there are spiders in there and he will get out". Then she told us a story of how he used to eat flies. Gag! She said he would catch them and pop them in his mouth before she could stop him.
This got me thinking of all the silly things my kids would do when they were young. Every time we would go to the lake or beach. My son when he was about two would pour sand in his ears. lol My sister Carol liked to eat mike bone dog biskets. And my sister Heidi put a bead up her nose and had to be taken to the hospital to get it out. My daughter Nicole put money in her mouth. I think she swallowed a penny once. So eating bugs wasn't so weird.
Yum now back to my peanut butter toast. My neighbor Wally brought me over the best strawberry to eat with it. It was so pretty and perfect. Now time to walk.
Have a great day. And always with great color!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Day!

It's a happy day!! Alexis's (my sister's granddaughter) cat came back home. We all prayed and yeah she showed up this morning. It's really sunny and warm today. Look at this rose bloom. It's as big as Buddy's head!!

I get to go into work at noon. So I'm just letting everyone know that I'm fine this morning. Even at my age I still have times of the month. You know when your super emotional. And I feel great getting a few things off my chest.

My sister is the best. And she remembers many times in our childhood that were good. I do think that meal times were a special time in our family. After all you had to look at the beautiful colors on your plate. lol

I do want to start exercising more. Maybe go for walks on the weekends at the local parks. They have some trails set up.

Then I was looking at Buddy last night. He was giving me the lovey eyes. It does feel good to feel loved. Even if it's just for feeding the cat. hahaha

So enjoy your day. Good things are right around the corner. And always with good color!

Man I need a haircut!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Yes it's late. But I just watched Ruby and they were talking about eating issues. Why we over eat. Going way back to when we were children. It really got me thinking again about my life. Right now I eat and weigh more than I ever have. It's very upsetting.
My sister and I talked once about how abandonment has happened in our lives. It's difficult and sad to think about. But I see now that it is a issue with me and has been for a long time.
My parents were divorced when I was only seven years old. My only memories of them together are of them fighting. Me standing between them screaming to stop. Then Mom packed us kids up and took us to our Grandparents. Those were great memories. But I always felt like my father abandoned us girls. He showed very little interest in our lives as we grew into adulthood. My Mother was my everything.
When I was Twenty years old I married a cute guy. I was in love. He was a womanizer and Alcoholic. He left me and my daughter to go party. Another case of abandonment. But I had such faith in marriage I had to keep seeking it. Maybe because my sister and her husband and my Mom and my stepfather had strong marriages.
Unfortunately I always picked the wrong men. I honestly tired to make it work. But after a while you leave because you don't want to feel them abandon you. I can't fully commit to a man anymore. And I hate it.
Then I had to become the parent to my parents. Being with them as their health failed and they passed away. Within months of each other. Then I lost a couple good friends. Then a niece. Loss is hard. Grief is a process that we don't always allow ourselves to have. We have a feeling that we have to be strong for the family. But dang it, I'm not. I truly miss my family.
Now I have lived alone with my son for years. He's a adult and has his own life. I'm not really happy where I'm at. But I'm scared to date. Scared to share myself, my time, my home, my everything with someone. Because they will leave. So I don't even try to meet anyone.
My greatest pleasure is eating. UGH! I needed to write this down so that I will stop next time I start to think of food and figure out what's bugging me. I need to figure out other things to do to make myself feel good about myself again. Any suggestions?
I would like to get more active in my church. I would like to get a better job that fulfills me and helps me to feel good about myself. Guess I don't really feel anyone would want me right now. I would like to have self control. And I would like to just enjoy life more. I honestly try.
And I have a great family now. But people do get busy with life. And I'm in a rut.
Ok, I have vented. Let's all dig deep into our issues (which we all have). And realize it's not all our faults. We need to move on. Maybe me looking back was a good thing. Cause I usually try to never look back. But God has a way of having things pop up that remind us. We have unresolved issues and he's here for us. Even things like watching Ruby.
God bless you all.

I'll be Home soon

Mama where are you going??

It's a gorgous Sunday morning. The sun is breaking through the clouds. And I'm off for my daily morning walk with my neighbor Wally. Buddy didn't seem to want me to leave. As he peeked out the curtains I took off with my camera in hand. All the flowers in the neighborhood have been so pretty. I wanted to catch them on film. First I took a picture of my own roses out front of my place. They are very old and don't have much smell at all. But after I wacked them down to nothing this winter. I'm shocked how pretty they have come back.

Ok I'm off on my walk. The cool crisp air is wonderful. As we get about half way on our walk. Which is always stopped by petting dogs and cats. I see a beautful Lilac bush. Wally steps up to smell the flower clusters. And as I turn on my camera again he rushes away. Anyways I got a great picture of the flowers. My neighbors might think I'm nuts. But tough cookies. I don't care. lol

After arriving back at home we always sit at the bestro table and talk for a few minutes before starting our day. Here is miniture rose that my son's girlfriend Melanie gave to me. It's blooming and so happy. I guess if it's alive and blooming you can say it's happy!! But where is Buddy?

After coming back inside I see him still looking out the window for me. He loves being out on the patio. But I returned outside to water and then he ran back inside. Crazy cat. Gotta love him.

Remember to enjoy the small things in life. Even a bloom of a flower and love from your cat. And always with great color!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just call me Buddy

Good Saturday Morning!! As you can see my cat Satan is still trying to sleep. Putting his arm over his face. But he is still peeking out with one evil eye. My son named this crazy cat. But I hate calling him Satan. So I call him Buddy. Because he is my Buddy. Durrrr.
It's a beautiful sunny but windy day here in Southern California. Allergies are up and so are everyones colds. I woke up kind of sad about life. Until I read my morning reading. God has a plan for us all. Such a great thought. Even though the devil trys to come in and change things, we that are full of God's hope and blessings just need to remember. God has a plan for us!
So today I think I will relax and maybe go to the store, Fresh and Easy! In the evening I plan on joining my sister at church. It's really nice on Saturday evenings to go. In the mean time, lets all try and relax like Buddy and remember to look for colors!!