Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Diningroom Chair and Table Project

First the roses!
You can't even see the green bush. It's all rose blooms. So I had to take a picture. It's just so pretty!

Ok, now on to the chairs. This is a before picture.
Ugh! I'm so over the gold seats. So I started taking
off the layers of fabric. I had to take off two different
colors to get down to the base fabric. Buddy thought he would help me.

Really he doesn't look too interested does he. lol So here is a picture of the finished chairs. But I haven't attached them yet because I think I'm going to change the color of the chairs to a black stain. What do you think?? I do plan on in the future getting a change of carpet. Something much lighter and beige.

I will post updates as I finish things. May take a while. I will have to sand and stain. I'm just not too sure about the white wash chairs and table color. Would love input from anyone. I do like the light fresh look they have. But I want them to look more modern and less shabby chic. Here is a picture of my outdoors bistro table. See how the green and black look together. I really like the bright and dark together. Help me decide! Always love more color!

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