Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Fun

It's Sunday and woke up to clouds! But I was determined to still have my morning walk. Rain or Shine! I should have brought a umbrella along. After getting to the other side of the Park, it started to hail! Yes, Hail! Crazy May California weather. We had to duck under some neighbors carports. Funny! When it stopped we continued and finished out walk. But boy oh boy was it cold. My fingers felt like Popsicles.

Yesterday was cool but really nice. After church in the evening my sister Carol and Alexis and I went to a frozen yogurt shop named Nubi. Yum Yum! They had red velvet cake yogurt. It was divine!!!!!( dreaming of it right now) I remember Carol and I being children and after church our Grandparents would take us out for ice cream. What a great memory! Hope Alexis remembers thing we did also.

Well, Buddy had another visitor. This cat was very friendly and didn't growl or hiss. First time I have ever seen him. Buddy loves friends. I have never in his life heard him hiss. But I think he's part dog. Here are a couple of pic's of his friend.

Hope you all have had a great and relaxing weekend. And always with great color!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Susan ya gotta dress warmer. It was so freaky with the hail and thunder.
    Buddy looks cute flirting with his new friend.
    The yogurt was great. I love the toppings too. But I don't think that the yogurt likes me. Maybe my body was just saying,"this is not on your diet"