Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Day!

It's a happy day!! Alexis's (my sister's granddaughter) cat came back home. We all prayed and yeah she showed up this morning. It's really sunny and warm today. Look at this rose bloom. It's as big as Buddy's head!!

I get to go into work at noon. So I'm just letting everyone know that I'm fine this morning. Even at my age I still have times of the month. You know when your super emotional. And I feel great getting a few things off my chest.

My sister is the best. And she remembers many times in our childhood that were good. I do think that meal times were a special time in our family. After all you had to look at the beautiful colors on your plate. lol

I do want to start exercising more. Maybe go for walks on the weekends at the local parks. They have some trails set up.

Then I was looking at Buddy last night. He was giving me the lovey eyes. It does feel good to feel loved. Even if it's just for feeding the cat. hahaha

So enjoy your day. Good things are right around the corner. And always with good color!

Man I need a haircut!

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