Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I could just eat a bug!

It's another lovely day. I decided to make peanut butter toast and eat outside at the bistro table before I walked. Buddy jumped up on a bar stool and thought he would help me. Do cat's like peanut butter??

Ok then I had to take a pic of my toast. lol

The birds are all making nests and I could hear them peeping in the bottle brush bushes. They were not to happy about Buddy being outside on the patio. Even though he wouldn't know what to do with a bird. They are Mockingbirds. Noisy suckers. They were all around and watching Buddy. Ready to dive bomb him if he made a move.
So my nice relaxing breakfast , wasn't so relaxing. lol
The night before was warm and my neighbor's and I were outside talking. I love the patio on warm nights. The neighborhood kids were running all around. My next door neighbor is raising her grandson. He is autistic. He was jumping into the rosebush planters. We yelled to him that he was going to get scratched. His grandmother said. "Tell him there are spiders in there and he will get out". Then she told us a story of how he used to eat flies. Gag! She said he would catch them and pop them in his mouth before she could stop him.
This got me thinking of all the silly things my kids would do when they were young. Every time we would go to the lake or beach. My son when he was about two would pour sand in his ears. lol My sister Carol liked to eat mike bone dog biskets. And my sister Heidi put a bead up her nose and had to be taken to the hospital to get it out. My daughter Nicole put money in her mouth. I think she swallowed a penny once. So eating bugs wasn't so weird.
Yum now back to my peanut butter toast. My neighbor Wally brought me over the best strawberry to eat with it. It was so pretty and perfect. Now time to walk.
Have a great day. And always with great color!

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  1. I just remembered what I ate when I was about 4 or 5. A peach pit! Mom made me go poop on the baby potty. So she could see if I passed it. lol I don't think I did!