Friday, May 14, 2010


Ok, I was browsing around online and checking out table settings. Yes! I know some things weird interest me. But they were using all kinds of different objects and had some great ideas. So I have so many plates and place mats that I got the bug.
I had just some woven beige place mats. I replaced them with these chargers that I had. They add texture. They I picked my standard everyday green plates. Cause I have to have my pop of green! I would have placed a salad plate on top. But mine are green and it would be too much green so I just added a fancy set of mugs that I love. The lighter color kind of grounded it to the counter top. Then I looked for napkins. Flowered? No, too much with the flowers on the mugs. So I stuck to plain green ones. I had found a cute set of chicken (of course) napkin rings. I wanted to put them somewhere so I just set them on the plates. I changed out my glass fruit bowl for a iron one and Tah Dah! What do you think?? It's a nice change.

Not sure if you can see. But I have other pops of green in the kitchen also. I was thinking........ I think my style is curvy. Everything I like has curves to it. The curve of round glass, rod iron, a couch or chair back. I think it just adds to being cozy. As Modern style is more straight lines. They can be mixed. Why not? Style is whatever makes you feel comfort and peace. Mine is earth tones with pops of green. And with Buddy and kids. Gotta have peace!

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