Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well here I sit....... Another day I'm not needed at work. I'm really getting depressed. Trying to turn my worry over to God and keep my chin up. It's a gorgeous day. Thought it was going to rain, but no. Anyways had a good walk.

Last night I had to jump on the neighbor kids. They love to throw rocks and trash everywhere. I picked up a eaten apple core in my flower bed this morning. Grrrr..... When we were kids I don't remember being destructive. Even though we would get on our bikes and be gone most of the day playing. These kids are 3 or 4 and are out playing alone with no parents in sight. Aggravating!!! And what ever happened to people getting out and pulling weeds. The smell of grass being cut on a Saturday morning. Playing outside with your parents?? Parents sure have changed and so have kids. When you ask them anything they deny it. Or talk back. No wonder our world is like it is. No respect. Ok I'm in a bad mood. But I may be getting laid off. So I'm sad and on edge.

Guess I'm a grouchy old woman. Anyways, the baby birds are growing. They are getting louder and louder. Mama bird sits on top of my arbors and squawks at Buddy constantly. Even when he is inside the screen door!!! It's funny.

I had to show you this new juice I got. It's going to feed my brain!!! That's a good thing. ( as Martha would say)

Gotta tell you this stuff is yummy!!!!!!!! Then I made a bacon, avocado, tomato, lettace on a pita sandwich. Yum yum. Gosh I like to eat too much. But it was pretty!! And colorful.

While I was cooking the bacon I thought about my Mom and the way she would cook bacon. It was always almost burnt and all curled up. It was my goal as a new wife to cook bacon in long strips and not burnt!!! Don't know why I thought of her cooking bacon. But I love my Mama anyways. Some things she cooked have great memories. Her Fried chicken, Apple pies, and Thanksgiving dinners were the best!!!

Have a good week peeps. And always with great color!

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  1. You have such a nice neighborhood. Too bad the parents don't watch the kids. I wish Alexis could play out front without cars racing down my street. YIKES!!

    Your food looks so yummy. Yeah mom always burnt the bacon but she said that she liked it crispy. I use to pick off the good parts and she would eat the burnt part. Now I don't care cuz I just eat everything.
    I love your plates. So pretty. Are you sure that isn't prune juice your drinking? It looks really pruney.

    I'm sorry about work. Gosh. What can a girl do?
    Hang in there. Luv ya Babe