Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good Shopping Trip

I'm all about a good buy. And good design. I decided I wanted to recover my dining room chair cushions. So I went shopping. I found this green fabric that I love! Kind of bright and cheery. I'm going through a green faze. I read where your primary color in your room should be 60 Percent. Like your walls. Then next color 30 percent and then last your pop of color 10 percent. And green is refreshing and nurturing to your whole well being. Green is the easiest color for all of us to live with. Use green when you want to make your home welcoming and gracious. These are my new Canisters that I picked up at Costco. I love them. I think they have a Tuscan feel.

Then I went into my bedroom to make it feel more like summer. I took off the darker green comforter and lighten it up. It feels good to me. lol

I have to share with you this cute jar I got. I like anything with a lid. I got this at Marshall's.
I also worked out on the patio decorating it some with new cushions. Now I'm pooped out and poor. But it was a great day.
Love ya all with great color!!


  1. Susan you need a LOVE button. I would click it 100 times. I really love your canisters and that jar with a lid I think is adorable.
    Your bedroom always looks so pretty. The green is very pretty. Good job.
    Now can you come and help me spruce up my patio? Brandon made the roof so pretty, now I need to either recover the swing or do something refreshing out there. Plants and flowers. Like you helped me with my entry way. Yep, I think decorating is your calling.