Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dang Cat!

I was planning a nice quiet day at home. I needed badly to clean my kitchen cupboard. Organize the food. What a mess. (Yes sis I am a slob at times hee hee).I can't believe that I'm even showing you all this. I also had other spring cleaning things to do. Hall closet ugh. I won't show you that one. I think I need space bags. And bathroom towels. But I got a call from work that they needed me. So off I trotted.

After I got home with the headache from H___. Ibuprofen doesn't work worth squat on my headaches. I took good old Excedrin Migraine. In 20 minutes I was good as new. I then thought I would vacuum. Since I needed too. Yes I vacuum everyday. But if you had the hairiest cat you would too!! He got all scared again. He hates it when I vacuum. Well, he darted out of the living room to hid in the laundry basket again. On his way running, the big ole lug pulled my lamp over in the living room. Light bulb shattered everywhere! And the lamp frame got tweaked. The shade was here and the lamp was there. Grrrrrrr Here is a pic of it after I tried to put it back together. Don't know if you can tell but the fennel on top isn't straight and I can't bend it back. That Dang Cat!!!

After I put the vacuum away he came out like nothing happened. Guess I might have to put him in the bathroom before I start. He's so big and clumsy!!!
But I love him.

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  1. He is a cutie. I think your food cupboard looks fine. I have 4 times the pantry food that you do so I think your clever to make it fit. Those racks look like they help with small stuff.
    I still have my headache. I'm just going to go to bed.
    Your funnel looks fine in the pic.
    Oh and enjoy your evening with color.