Friday, April 30, 2010

Hello All

Here I am starting my first blog. I guess I feel I have things to say. And life is so funny sometimes, that I just need to share.

I've always wanted a career in design. But life, kids, husbands (yes plural, let's not go there). Got in the way. Like I said life is funny. I think I got my love of art, color from my Mother and Grandma Jane. She would look at a plate of food and tell us to admire all the different colors of the food. At the time I thought she's wacko. But it is one of the special memories of her. My Mother loved gardening. And I can't look at flowers without remembering her sweet nature.

I have always loved the colors of nature. But yes I have had some crazy colors in my home. Which has always been my big experiment. Family has often asked for my advise. So I guess I have a little bit of talent.

I'm single now and in my fifties. Wow, never thought this would be me. But I'm truely enjoying life. Up untill a year ago, I had a fab job. Now I'm tired and working a very none inspiring job. UGH! But as we all know. Things can change in an instant.

I have a crazy hairy cat named Satan. He was the kitten from Hell! But after being fixed and declawed. Which I have never done before to a poor animal. Now after five years and many hairballs later. He's a cool cat. But never never never again a long hair cat will I have.
He does have a evil look. But here he was hiding in the lawndry basket because I was vacuming. He doesn't look to happy. Oh well gotta vacume.
Have a great weekend my blog friends. Eat great food , enjoy wonderful friends and family. And enjoy life. Don't just go through the motions. Truely do what makes you happy. And always with great color!