Friday, April 30, 2010

Hello All

Here I am starting my first blog. I guess I feel I have things to say. And life is so funny sometimes, that I just need to share.

I've always wanted a career in design. But life, kids, husbands (yes plural, let's not go there). Got in the way. Like I said life is funny. I think I got my love of art, color from my Mother and Grandma Jane. She would look at a plate of food and tell us to admire all the different colors of the food. At the time I thought she's wacko. But it is one of the special memories of her. My Mother loved gardening. And I can't look at flowers without remembering her sweet nature.

I have always loved the colors of nature. But yes I have had some crazy colors in my home. Which has always been my big experiment. Family has often asked for my advise. So I guess I have a little bit of talent.

I'm single now and in my fifties. Wow, never thought this would be me. But I'm truely enjoying life. Up untill a year ago, I had a fab job. Now I'm tired and working a very none inspiring job. UGH! But as we all know. Things can change in an instant.

I have a crazy hairy cat named Satan. He was the kitten from Hell! But after being fixed and declawed. Which I have never done before to a poor animal. Now after five years and many hairballs later. He's a cool cat. But never never never again a long hair cat will I have.
He does have a evil look. But here he was hiding in the lawndry basket because I was vacuming. He doesn't look to happy. Oh well gotta vacume.
Have a great weekend my blog friends. Eat great food , enjoy wonderful friends and family. And enjoy life. Don't just go through the motions. Truely do what makes you happy. And always with great color!

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  1. Hi Susan, you inspired me to make a blog too. Your blog is so pretty. How do you find the cool designs?
    You are the best. Thank you for helping me decorate my living room. And as for Satan, you know he is your baby. What would you do without him? He woves you