Sunday, June 6, 2010

Poor hot Buddy!

Poor Buddy. He doesn't like this hot weather we are having! So he's back to taking his naps on the glass coffee table. I just had my hair cut for the summer. And I think I will have to get him a hair cut this summer also.

Latest decor idea. I had this large jar. I decided to fill is full of pasta. What do you think? I did have it full of fake limes. But I wanted a change. Now that I'm home more I've been cleaning out cupboards. Yes, finally got the kitchen cupboard cleaned. And the hall linen closet. That was not fun. How do we save so much stuff???

Garden update!

Look I have a strawberry!!

I'm doing the Happy Dance!!!! Really, I'm excited to see things growing. lol
Now look at my bell pepper!!

It's getting bigger!! I just hope they don't overheat with this hot weather. It's crazy hot! Making my morning walks sweaty and uncomfortable. But I keep plowing along. Just have to eat more ice cream. Right?? I've doing lots of thinking about life and God's plan for me. I'm seeing that he takes me through some things to teach me patience. Also so I will appreciate when the good things come along. Whether they are people, jobs, home, gardens or almost anything. At least I am learning and growing as a person. Which even at my age I can still do! Love your family and friends, coworkers, and enemies. They are all a part in God's plan for you and me. And don't pass up the opportunities to tell people how special they are to you. Love you all. And always with great color!

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  1. Ahhhhh poor hot Buddy. Why don't you take him for a walk down to the pool?
    I love what you wrote at the end. I think God knew that your family needed you and gave you a break from working. You have worked all your life. Enjoy these days off. I know that I have really enjoyed all our time together and you have helped me move forward with my chin up. I thank God to have put you in my life. What would I do without you?
    1 Thessalonians 1:4 God not only loves you very much but also has put His hands on you for something special.