Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mini Apple Pies

Hi Everyone,

Well since it's been so warm out. I'm staying inside where it's cool. Today I got the cooking bug. I had seen on one of my friends blogs these pies. She made hers like pot pies. With meat, potatoes etc. I thought I would try them with apples. You use Grands biscuits. Flatten them out first. I buttered my cookie sheet. (Yeah they are old and I use them lots). Plopped down the bottom dough. Then I cut up 2 very large apples. Mixed in some sugar and cinnamon. (I seldom measure). I scooped cup fulls of the mixture onto the dough. Then put a small teaspoon of butter on top. I then flatten out a biscuit for the top. Tried to seal them closed around the edges. I guess I could have rolled them out with a rolling pin. But I didn't want to work with the dough much. So yeah they are kinda leaking. Oh well, I cut a small X in the dough on top. And sprinkles them with more cinnamon and sugar. Here they are before they went into the oven. 350 for 20 minutes.

Cook until nice and brown. I gave a couple (one pack makes 4 pies)to my daughter. I don't need to eat that much sweet stuff. lol They were TASTY!! Warm with vanilla ice cream would have hit the spot. Thanks so much for the cute idea! Bon Appetite!!

Had to share a picture of my Hydrangea bush. It's so big this year and look at all the blooms. When they turn color I will post another pic. I know other parts of the country grow huge ones. But this is the desert in Southern California. So I'm jazzed!!! Always with great color!!!!


  1. Yum!!! Those turned out delish looking!

    I dig your hydrangea. I hear their color depends on the acidity of the soil. Out here they're all deep blue. Kinda cool to see yours!

  2. Hey Susan, add some acid to your soil and see if they turn blue. What would acid be? A glass of lemonade?

    Your pies looks so TASTY! Alexis is always wanting to bake and I don't want the mess but with the Grands it would be easier. Or I could just send her to your house with a bag of apples and a can of Grands. : )

    I would eat those for breakfast with a cup of coffee. MMmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. That is a great alteration of a good idea (Bezzie's). My mouth is watering.