Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Monday.......

Well it's another Monday. After my morning walk I spent most of the morning looking for a new job. Ugh! It's so hard in this economy to find anything. But I figured if I did get called in for a interview, I might want nice looking toes. Trying to save some moola. I did them myself. Bending this 57 year old body in half to do this is really a feet (pun). Gotta get the right light, glasses and equipment. What a hassle! Gosh and I don't get the massage either. Bah Humbug! Oh well. Happy Monday! lol

Buddy "Who really cares Mom. Don't wake me up".

Look Buddy my toenails match my Tiki Punch.

Buddy "Yawn..... She's losing it"

1 comment:

  1. I love your pink toes. I wish mine were done. Yours look pretty with your Tiki punch. What flavor is that?
    Buddy looks like a rattlesnake mouth when he yawns.
    He is a cute. Is he hot in all that fur this summer?