Sunday, January 16, 2011

.....Zen Cooking.......

Ok, last night I watched a good documentary on Zen cooking. It was with Edward Espe Brown. It really made you think about what you put into cooking. People don't seem to think about what they cram into their bodies. And the love from the heart that is put into each homemade meal. I wanted to show my cookie sheet. It's old, stained and bent. But so am I!!
And I'm worth much more with my wisdom and worn out body. Then a youngster with no wisdom lines (wrinkles). We have worked hard to get to this age. We have knowledge of many things. Not just the newest CD's and tennis shoes. Old things tell a story of life. Be it a human or an old cookie sheet.
I decided to make up my own cranberry,orange zest scones. So here we go.
Since I prefer to do things quick and easy, I used Good ole Bisquick. Plus I like the flavor of it. I just used the Biscuit recipe. Added cranberries, and since I only had a tangerine and not a orange. I added tangerine zest. lol
Then I dumped it out to roll and cut. Notice my little Buddy helper?
Then they were placed on my good ole worn cookie sheet. Which is an old air bake sheet. Still works wonders!
And WalLa!!!
I brushed them with butter and sprinkled sugar on top before baking. They are so tasty with coffee or tea. Aren't you glad this ole fart can still bake from the heart?? Love ya all and always with great color!

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