Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sleep Over!

I told my sweet Sister that while peanut is on winter break, I would have her over to spend the night. A good ole fashion sleep over. We had such a good time. She is such a sweetheart. Here is a picture of her playing Xbox Kinect. She love love loved it. My sis, her grandma said she had sore legs the next day. lol We made hot chocolate with mini marshmallow's and watched a movie. She took the couch and I took the floor. UGH!! Man the floor is hard. Next time I'm sleeping in my own bed. But she wanted me close this time.
Peanut loved playing with Buddy too! The next day she played with some of the neighborhood kids. I think she had a good time and it gave Grandma a nice break. Hope to have her stay again. Hugs Peanut!

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