Friday, November 5, 2010


I love love love Topiary. But usually they run kind of high for my budget. I had these pots to my entry that I wanted something new in. And the dead Halloweenish plants weren't cutting it. So since my back was somewhat good today. I took off to Walmart. Not that I thought I could walk the whole store. But enough to pick up a few things. I think the drive over to Walmart hurt me more. UGH!!! Anywho, I walked into the nursery section and tah dah!!!!!! TOPIARY!!!! Woweee Soweee!!! I picked out two. After coming back home, they were my first project. It's been so beautiful lately. Warm for a November. So here is the finished picture. I'm very pleased at how they look. I just hope I can keep up the shapes.
So everyone have a good weekend. Get outside and take deep breaths of the beautiful day. And always with great color.

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