Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Chair and Christmas!

Ok, I inherited this sad little chair from my parents. It had cracks and repairs all over it. But it does have memories. So I went to work repairing and painting. Lot's of sanding and about 3 coats of white paint and WaLa.
Now here is a question. The whole time I had plans to paint it with a Damask Design. Maybe green like my walls or black. Should I just leave it white? Or try and paint a design on the white??
Then it was time to decorate for Christmas. Man! I ran out of energy quickly. My sis Dancing in the Dark and Peanut made a trip to Tai Pan Trading Co. It's like a fairy wonderland of Christmas trees. We had a blast and got lots of cool ideas.
So here is my finished tree.
Here in the kitchen I filled my glass container with Christmas balls and decorated with ribbon!
Of course Buddy had to help with decorating the tree!! I will be finding balls all around!!
Have a great Holiday!! And always with great color!


  1. I love the chair. It looks so pretty. Maybe for the time being you could get a pad for your butt, what are those called for chairs? And get the black and white print that you love. See how you like it before you paint on the chair.
    I love your tree. And Buddy is so funny. He needs his reindeer antlers on. LOL
    It was fun shopping with you. I spent too much but I love how my tree looks.

  2. Picture's please!!!!! I want to see the tree!!!!