Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vacation and the 4th of July!

Well, I'm slow but had a great vacation in Idaho with my sister and her granddaughter. It's a beautiful place and can see why they like it. Slower pace of life and down to earth good people. Not crazy Californians. Here are some pic's of the long drive and the beautiful town. Carol and I had some nice walks around the town and neighborhood. Such nice friendly people.
Then on the 4th of July we all went to the local park. Fireworks are legal! They were shooting them off above our heads! Here is the beautiful sunset we saw as we waited for the sun to set and the fireworks to begain!
Family is everything. I hope I didn't wear out my welcome. I would love to go there again. Hugs to them all!

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  1. It was a great trip. Next time lets stop in Alpine and visit friends. You got some great photos. Forth of July was an experience having those rocket fireworks shot over our heads by drunk goofballs. LOL
    Do you have the photo of the hawks in the tree?