Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bread Rack Redo!!

So today was finally sunny and beautiful enough to work on my Bread Rack - Potting Rack. I had gone to Home Depot and picked up Rubbed Bronze spray paint. Also some new flowers. After cleaning off the Bread Rack. Which was a charming brass and hunter green. Blah! I started the painting.
What a difference the paint made. It looks like a rod-iron piece now. I love it. I placed it near the enterance of my home. I'm still playing with placement of old things I had already. I also still need more plants or flowers. But it feels like a whole new piece. I like the bright green pots and silver can's with the daisy's!
So remember to not throw out some of your old piece's. Paint does wonders!! And always with great color!!!

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